To improve the language skills of all our students, SAIT has set up a 30 computerGlobarena Language Lab. The company is renowned for deploying Language, Aptitude and Career labs in many organizations in India and its language lab software is highly recommended.

Globarena'sEnglish Lab is designed to enhance overall communication skills amongst students including pronunciation, accent, voice modulation etc. to make them successful in their career. Every employer today, looks for an extra edge in his or her employees. The rapid change in the corporate world asks for proper communication skills in almost all kinds of fields. The course content of the English Lab has been developed keeping into mind the standard of Indian students and the industry requirements.

English Lab is a fully computer-based lab. This doesn't require additional infrastructure investment in tape recorders, amplifiers, cassettes, etc. The best part about the lab is it can run with minimal support of a trainer and is self sufficient to a great extent.

Globarena'sEnglish Lab has two modules- Student module and Teacher module.


Student listens to the lessons pre-recorded by experts.

Each lesson, such as accent, rhythm, intonation, consonants, vowels etc. are dealt with separately and extensively.

Each lesson is followed by an exercise.

After listening to the pre-recorded voice, the student can record his own voice and compare the correctness of his/her pronunciation.

Self-assessment at the end of each assignment is submitted to the teacher (server) for evaluation.

Student can communicate with the teacher


The teacher (facilitator) can:

Design the lessons according to the need from the existing database.

Add new words / sentences to the database for practice.

Communicate with the student from teacher module (server machine)

Review student work.

Maintain the record of all the pronounced words for each individual separately.

Design student evaluation tests from existing database.

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